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Lots to choose from and so much goodness!  You really can't go wrong with any of these!  All are water resistant and come in black.

ZEN - With extra dense black pigments, it provides a striking appearance instantly. It extends lashes noticeably with combed plastic brush, giving volume to lashes.

Extreme Curl - With long, voluminous and curling lashes, you will surprise both yourself and those around you ... The curved brush delivers the perfect dose of product to enhance the lashes from root to tip for an immediate push-up effect. It lifts lashes up at the root and curls them to give a more powerful look. Its creamy texture contains extra black pigments that provide a dramatic and charming look that lasts all day long.

3D Effect - Offers an effective depth of look with a single brush stroke. It creates a fuller eyelash from root to tip with its bristle brush that gives a 3 dimensional eyelash look.

Deep Black - Thanks to its plastic comb brush, this mascara provides extra black eyelashes with its special pigments. It catches and separates all eyelashes one by one, giving fullness and volume.

Optimal - The all-in-one effective special brush creates a natural appearance by lashing individual lashes and curving and combing. The perfectly shaped brushed gives just the right amount of volume, length and curves to your lashes.

Starlook - The special pine-shaped bristle brush design allows you to control the volume  of your lashes with every stroke. It gives you extra fullness from bottom to end, creating the perfect volume of lashes you desire!