West Texas Beard Oil

West Texas Beard Oil

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The Best Beard Oil around!  Smells amazing and works even better.  You won't regret having these to maintain your beard.  1oz in size.

 Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, castor oil vitamin a, and fragrance oil.

Cowboy - They don’t come any more cowboy than our buddy Ken. The boots, hat, spurs, pearl snap shirt, beard, the whole nine. I mean, if you could bottle a fragrance that yell’s COWBOY…it would be this. This fragrance is for Chris’s buddy Ken and cowboys everywhere.  Smells Like: Leather

El Jonez - The sweet scent of El Jonez will have your beard taking on a personality of its own. Be warned though, he’s a smooth talker  Smells Like: Fig, Amber 

Maverick - Movies, Characters, Nicknames, chances are you’ve heard the name Maverick before, but we bet you’ve never experienced it like this!  Smells Like: Amber, Ginger, Vanilla

Pipers Blend - This one is Piper’s final product. We tried everything! Most of them smelled too feminine, but we wanted something a little softer than our other fragrances. Piper’s Blend nails it with a hint of Lavender and Vanilla. It is perfect for those times when you just want to chill!  Smells Like: Vanilla, jasmine, lavender

Smitty - 

For the proud and the bold, this balm has the strength to serve your beard resiliently. This will make you smell like the embodiment of honor.  Smells like: Teakwood, bergamot, black tea.

The Original - 

Channel your inner lumberjack and pick up this little forest in a bottle. The very first fragrance we came up with, and it is still Chris’ favorite.  Smells Like: Pine, cedarwood, sandalwood